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Geometry Lesson Plans

Geometry Lesson Plans This indicates resources located on The Teacher's Corner.

Geometry Lesson Plans Cones & Cylinders Math Lab Grade 6
You have been employed by Cook’s Chapeau & Cloak Shoppe on Diagon Alley to create prototypes for the next school year at Hogwarts. Mr. Ollivander is getting ready to retire and he has asked that you take over the store and business.
Submitted by: Linda D. Cook

Geometry Lesson Plans Floor Circles Grades 6+
Summary: Take your geometry lesson to the floor to help students learn pi.
"When teaching parts of a circle, pi, area and circumference, I use a tool we all have readily available...the floor! I use washable overhead markers and draw a large circle, which covers about 1/3 of my floor. I draw a perfect circle using a marker tied to a piece of string taped to the floor. I draw the diameter, a radius and a chord. My students 'walk' each part as we define them. To understand pi, the students walk the diameter and the circumference of the circle and count their steps. Once we display the data on a chart, it's easy to see that the walk around the circle took about three times as many steps as the walk across the circle. I find that the kids don't forget what pi means since they literally walked it!"
Submitted by: Pam Luckenbaugh Math6Tchr@email-removedm, a sixth grade math teacher at Herbert Hoover Middle School in Edison, New Jersey. This idea was posted in the NEA's Weekly "Works4Me" Tip Newsletter.

Geometry Lesson Plans The Greedy Triangle Grades Any
This is a great book to use with geometry! The greedy triangle loves being busy! Each day it supports bridges, makes music, holds up roofs, and much, much more. For most shapes this lifestyle would be fulfilling. But not for the greedy triangle. Always eager to try new things, the triangle decides it is time to add another line and angle to its shape. Unfortunately this new shape isn't a perfect fit either. Thus begins a succession of new shapes until the greedy triangle no longer knows which side is up! Click HERE to purchase this book.

Geometry Lesson Plans Inductive Proof vs. Deductive Proof Grade High School
Using a Squares Table to understand Inductive vs. Deductive proof.
Submitted by: Randall Hudson Rlostsoul53@email-removed

Counting Lesson Plan Shape Sort Grades K-1st, requires Kidspiration software
Shape SortThis computer activity allows students to sort four basic shapes: circles, various triangles, squares, and rectangles. Simply download the Kidspiration file below.

On the left is a screen shot of what the activity looks like. If you don't have the Kidspiration software, you will be able to see the activity and re-create it using another program.

Shape Sort (.kid download) This Kidspiration document is a downloadable template and requires Kidspiration software to open.
Submitted by: Jennifer

Geometry Lesson Plans Printable Math Worksheets
Use our Math Worksheet Generators to whip out some printable math worksheets in a snap!

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Virtual Polyhedra Grades Various
"Welcome to this collection of thousands of virtual reality polyhedra for you to explore."

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