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The Teacher's Corner Resources The Importance of the Warm Up
This interactive lesson will stress the importance of warming up to help prevent unnecessary injury during physical activity.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Musical Chairs (+Variations)
Set a number of chairs equal to the number of students in a circle, facing out. Start music (from a radio or mp3 player). Children must walk or skip around the circle of chairs while music is playing. Remove a single chair. When the music stops, everyone must quickly find a seat and sit down. Whoever doesn't find a seat is out of the game and must sit off to the side (or inside the circle). Start the music again and remove another chair. Repeat until you have a single winner.

Variation: Disappearing rings
This variation starts with a bunch of Hula Hoops (10-12). Place them on the floor seperated by a few feet each. Tell the children to find a spot inside a Hoop. When the music starts, all must dance, skip or hop in the areas outside the hoops. When it stops they must get inside a hoop. While the music is play each time, remove a single hoop. In the end you can see how many children can fit in a single hoop.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Customized warm-up activities.
Many times warm up activities can be boring and mundane. Having ownership in an activity can make it more fun. Pair off students at the beginning of the year and tell them to make up their own activity for a 5 minute warm up. The pair can lead the class on their designated day. Jumping jacks, jogging, daincing, stretching, sit-ups, can be suggested as starters - but ask them to be creative. It can be fun to see the ideas they come up with when it is their turn to lead the class.

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Unique games, physical education lesson plans, and activities for all levels of play, including the disabled. Fun-Attic was selected as a "Best Bet" on the USA TODAY Education Web site from December 12, 2000 - January 2, 2001.

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