Social Studies Share-a-thon

Welcome to the Link-Connection Social Studies Share-a-thon!

This web site has been put together for all of the great teachers who participate in the 3-4 Links and 5-6 Connection Email groups. Members of these groups are educators from around the world who are willing to share their talent with others. All of the ideas contained within have been collected as part of the Social Studies Share-a-thon. Enjoy! To keep the topics organized, they have been broken into various categories.

The Teacher's Corner Resources American History/American Government
Books, Colonization, American Revolution, The Civil War, Civil Rights, Native Americans, French and Indian War, Constitution, Nationalism

The Teacher's Corner Resources Latin America Big Book Project
This project is designed to allow you to explore several aspects of Latin America's diverse culture as well as incorporate technology into your individual project.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Famous People
Find activities for people from all over the world.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Geography Skills
Latitude and longitude, Time zones, Scale ideas, Civics

The Teacher's Corner Resources Theme Teaching
Westward Expansion, Civil War, Immigration, Industrialization, Elections, Current Events, Explorers

The Teacher's Corner Resources World History
Medieval or Ancient History, European Explorations, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Canada, Renaissance, The Holocaust

All of the ideas on these pages have been submitted by members of the 3-4 Link and 5-6 Connection email lists. These ideas have been posted in good faith. Unless otherwise noted, all lessons are original creations. The creator of these lessons retains all copyrights. By submitting their lesson to the 2000 Share-a-thon, they have given The Teacher's Corner the right to electronically publish their lesson(s). They also release The Teacher's Corner of any copyright liability if the work is not their own.