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With what seems to be a fast food joint on every corner, it's more important than ever that today's students learn value of good health and nutrition. Browse our lesson plans to find resources for your classroom.

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Food Plate GameHealth Activity on The Teacher's Corner Food Plate Game Grades K-5
A healthy lesson plan posing as a fun game!
Submitted by: Patricia Pruim - Iskut, BC

Introduction to First Aid Grades 3-12
First Aid and CPR online courseOnline First Aid Course to introduce students to the basics.
Submitted by: American Academy of CPR and First Aid

Introduction to BLS CPR Grades 3-12
Online CardioPulmonary Resuscitation course.
Submitted by: American Academy of CPR and First Aid

Health Activity on The Teacher's Corner Dinosaur Eggs Grades K-3
Lesson Summary: Hide small dinosaurs in homemade dough eggs to break open after hardening.
1 cup flour
1 cup used coffee grinds
1/2 cup salt
1/4 cup sand
Tempera paint or food coloring

Procedure: 1. In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients into a dough.
2. Remove the dough form and knead it on a floured surface.
3. Hide small dinosaurs in the center of the dough and allow dough to dry in a warm place for 2-3 days.
4. When dry, the dough will look and feel like a rock.
5. Break open the rock with a small hammer to reveal the dinosaurs! These great eggs aren't edible!
Submitted by: Brenda BCasto6513@email-removed

Health Lesson Plan on The Teacher's Corner Five Senses Grades PreK-2
This lesson plan uses the Brave Little Monster.
Submitted by: Ken Baker ken@email-removed

Health Activity on The Teacher's Corner Fast Food Nutrition Unit Grade 3-5
Lesson Plan Summary: Make a meal from a fast food restaurant, and use nutrition charts to make healthier choices.
Fast Food Nutrition LessonOne thing I love to do in my nutrition unit is to get some Nutrition Charts from a restaurant like McDonald's. Without showing the charts to my class, I tell the kids to write down what they would order if I took them to McDonald's and they could order whatever they wanted. I tell them to be reasonable and only order what they would really eat, but other than that I don't restrict it. Then I have them look up the calories, fat grams, and milligrams of sodium in each item. They have to list the information in a little chart they draw in their journals. They add up the numbers to find the TOTAL calories, fat grams, and milligrams of salt in the meal. You should see their faces when they start adding it up! Then I have them try to plan a more nutritious meal at McDonald's. They realize that portion sizes are important - you can order a small fries if you have a craving for fries - you don't have to super size it! You could also do this activity with breakfast items.
Submitted by:
Laura Candler candlers@email-removed

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Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
Find great ways to help keep children safe.

Teaching Health or science -- great site for little videos and more. Colorful cartoon like website. Very education but Fun!

Educational Resources in Health, Nutrition, and Personal Planning Grades Elementary
A comprehensive list of great nutrition resources.

USDA Healthy Meals
Guide to Daily Food Choices FoodZone Nutritional lesson and experiments.

The Food Timeline Grades Any
A very unusual timeline -- History of Food.

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