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The Teacher's Corner Resources The Compound Word Game Grade 2-3
Summary: A fun game that allows students review the concept of compound words. By Lisa Riley.
Purpose: To review the concept of compound words through the use of a "Compound Word Game"
Objective: Given the "Compound Word Game", students will write the correct compound word, created from 2 word cards, on a sheet of paper with 90% accuracy.

Step-by-Step procedure for game: This game is played on a bulletin board where a collage of pictures used as cues are readily available to assist the students when necessary. Depending on the number of students present, teams are formed (approx. 2 or 3 students per team). All students participating in the game take turns picking word cards from an envelope or container and randomly pinning the cards onto the bulletin board. The team members work together to create compound words from the words cards and may use the pictures as a reference when formulating compound words. Each team has 1 representative that writes the words down on a sheet of paper as they are formed by the team members. Students are given approx. 5 minutes to create words and then each team takes turns telling what words were created. Word cards are then removed from the board and new cards are selected and pinned again for a second round and third round if time permits.

For an additional activity, each student may write 2 or 3 sentences using the created compound words from their team list. Suggested Changes: Rather than have the students place the cards randomly on the bulletin, the students will select cards and maneuver the cards in front of them, changing cards when necessary. Other Uses: Word cards could be created to form sentences and students could determine the proper sequencing of the cards.
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Breakfast in the Afternoon
by Cynthia Basil, Illustrated by Janet McCaffery
(This book is out of print, so you will need to check your local library.)

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