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The Teacher's Corner Resources Compound Word Activities Grades Variety
Find great compound word lessons and web sites.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Newspaper Nouns Grades 4+
Summary: A fun group activity for older students.
My students enjoy newspaper activity days. When I teach nouns, they work in groups to find the different types of nouns (common, proper, collective, compound) in the newspaper, cut them out and tape them on a large piece of construction paper divided into sections. I give points for each noun found in each category. The group that finds the most nouns in each category wins a prize. I take off points for the groups who do not clean up properly. I could not go over as many examples and non-examples as the groups do themselves. They discuss and argue over their notes and chapter explanations to make sure they find the right type of nouns. Everyone learns about nouns and has a great time.
Submitted by: Janet Olson solsun@email-removed, a seventh grade English and reading teacher at Tipton-Rosemark Academy in Millington, Tennessee. This tip was published in the NEA's Weekly Works4Me list.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Prepositions Grades Any
A fun lesson using the Berenstain Bears. Read Berenstain Bears Bears in the Night. The whole book is made up of prepositional phrases. My 7th graders get a kick out of me reading it to them. I also use Inside Outside Upside Down to teach the difference between preposition and adverb.
Submitted by: Robin

The Teacher's Corner Resources Parts of Speech Thematic Unit
Check out our complete thematic unit that focuses on nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

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