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Awesome Apps

  • Google Earth PRO (Free!) All Grades
    LEGO Movie MakerThis is an incredible application that is used by broadcast news stations, professional trip planners, law enforcement and many others. The PRO version (once $399) is now FREE!
  • LEGO Movie Maker All Grades
    LEGO Movie MakerThis is probably one of the most dynamic, free apps that I’ve used…and you don’t have to use LEGOs! You can use a variety of items to create your own stop motion movies. The app has a large number of features that allow you to customize your movie. Some of these features include: sound effects/music/personally recorded sounds, an “onion” feature to monitor movement, add/delete frames, and edit the duration of each frame. (You will find a helpful set of instructions within the app.)
  • Twitter for the Classroom All Grades
    LEGO Movie MakerTwitter is the revolutionary application that allows users to communicate with the world in 140 characters or less. How can educators integrate this technology into the classroom? Check out our review.
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  • More coming soon!

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