Science Experiments for Kids

Below we have a list of fun and educational science experiments that can be conducted in the classroom or at home. Most will use simple to find household items. Always be sure to read through experiments completely prior to trying them. Many of these experiments should have adult supervision.

Science ExperimentsScience Experiments A Strange Flame - Try to understand how inertia effects a candle flame.

Science Experiments Bernoulli Eggs - In this experiment, you will see the effects Bernoulli's Principle on resisting gravity.

Science Experiments Brain Freeze - An explaination of why we get Brain Freeze when we eat cold things like ice cream.

Science Experiments Cabbage Indicator - In this experiment, we use red cabbage juice as a Acid/Base indicator.

Science Experiments Catching Money - This fun activity will explore the pull of gravity, as you race it to catch falling coins.

Science Experiments Changing Pressure - An experiment that shows how heat and cold effect air molecules and resulting air pressure.

Science Experiments Comb Kazoo - Explore how vibration creates sound using a simple comb and wax paper.

Science Experiments Cracking Knuckles - What causes the sound when people crack their knuckles? Find out in this article.

Science Experiments Creepy Carpets - Ever place a rug on carpet, only to have it move out-of-place over time? In this experiment, we will explore the reasons behind this phenomenon.

Science Experiments Dancing Raisins - Use raisins and soda to illustrate some fun properties of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Science Experiments Egg in a Bottle - In this experiment you will watch a hard boiled egg pass through a slighlty smaller bottle neck, coming to rest inside the bottle. Come to understand how temperature effects air pressure!

Science Experiments Emergency Light - Explore the properties of oil, and the efficiency of it.

Science Experiments Feathers - Feathers are facinating! Light and strong and full of structures designed specifically to aid in flight. We'll take a close look here.

Science Experiments Finger Feedback - using a thermometer as a biofeedback device, we explore our ability t raise ond lower our body temperature!

Science Experiments Flexing Small Muscles - This experiment will cause you to flex some of your tiniest muscles - the ones attached to your hair! Most commonly known as Goosebumps.

Science Experiments Floating Finger - Using a simple illusion we delve into how the brain interprets what each of our eyes sees.

Science Experiments Floating M's - Watch interesting events take place when you put M&M's into water.

Science Experiments Fooling Your Clock - You body -sort of- keeps time for you. This "internal clock" is researched in this activity.

Science Experiments Heat Waves - When light travels through substances, it slows down. This causes refraction (bending of light). We can watch how light passing through water is effected by heat.

Science Experiments Hurricane Winds - Understanding the power behind high wind speed, and why they can be so destructive.

Science Experiments The Hottest Part of the Flame - In this experiment we test what is the hottest part of a flame, and explore heat transfer.

Science Experiments Ice Cream Cooler - In this tasty experiment we explore a counter-intuative heat transfer using ice cream and milk.

Science Experiments Ice Race - This experiment examines the effects of surface area on heat transfer by making and melting ice.

Science Experiments Ketchup on Your Cleaning - Understand oxidation, why using ketchup can make them look shiny and new.

Science Experiments Lint - Where does lint come from? Why does this happen? Are there any uses for lint? Find out here!

Science Experiments Microwave Ice - Did you know that microwaves heat water, but not Ice. This experiment will demonstrate this puzzle and explain why!

Science Experiments Moving Waves - Waves and energy are investigated to try and understand how waves travel in water.

Science Experiments Osmosis - An experiment using a potato, water, sugar and salt to study the process of osmosis. We also discuss how osmosis works on the cells of the body during hydration and dehydration.

Science Experiments Paper Cuts - Understand how a thinner edge concentrates downward force onto a smaller area, facilitating it to cut.

Science Experiments Paper Petals - Explore the effect that water has on fibers in this simple, and animated, experiment.

Science Experiments Pepper Hot - A tasty exploration of the trigeminal nerve, and how different spices can effect you in different ways.

Science Experiments Pendulum Perils - A classic experiment that demonstrates kinectic energy and friction, and just a touch of fear!

Science Experiments Science Friction? - This is an experiment that uses a shoe, rubber band and ruler to study the differences between kinetic and static friction.

Science Experiments Shadow Colors - Different colors of light appear to cast different colored shadows. This is demonstrated and explained in this science activity.

Science Experiments The Shuttle Tragedy - Why do some things burn up upon re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere, and some things survive and fall (or fly) back to the surface intact?

Science Experiments Simple Quacks - Another experiment that examines how vibration creates sound. A simple drinking straw will suffice for this one!

Science Experiments Slim View - Use a paper plate and a piece of cardboard to try and understand how your TV works.

Science Experiments Slippery and Sticky Ice - An experiment that focuses on the use of pressure on ice and it's freezing properties.

Science Experiments Spider Spotting - Spiders can be easy to spot in the cover of night if you know what you are doing. A flashlight and nighttime will suffice for this demonstration.

Science Experiments Spoon Reversals - Reflective surfaces often bend light in interesting ways. A concave reflective surface (like a spoon) can really twist and turn what is being reflected on its surface.

Science Experiments Spoons Revisited - Stick a spoon to your face and open this experiment that investigates the properties of adhesion and gravity.

Science Experiments Stale Bread - The effects of sugar on keeping baked goods moist, slowing the process of evaporation.

Science Experiments Static Cling? - This experiment examines static cling and how it works over different surfaces.

Science Experiments Sweet Tea - Did you know that heating sugar causes it to break down into two different substances that are actually sweeter then regular sugar? Me either. Find out about it in this lesson.

Science Experiments Through the Looking Glass - Exploring the principles behind fiber optics and the bending of light using a simple glass of water and a small mirror.

Science Experiments Thunder Rumbles - Why does thunder rumble over a period of time as opposed to just a simple quick "boom"? Let's look into that.

Science Experiments Turning Ice - A fun demonstration of melting ice.

Science Experiments Water the Plants - How do plants use water? What is transpiration?

Science Experiments Water Magnifier - Use a flashlight, water and a piece of plastic to make a fun water magnifying glass, and learn how and why it works.

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