Phonemic Awareness Book

Grades: Kindergarten to 2nd Grade
Summary: This is a great book that will allow your students to play with sounds to strengthen beginning reading skills.

Phonemic Awareness-creative teaching Press CTP2332 grades PreK-2-1197

Punch It Out
Focus on target ending sounds by having children use hand motions as they say the words.

1. First say the word cat without using hands motions.
2. Repeat the word and add hand motions. Slide your hand palm sown from left to right as you say the word, then thrust a fist to 'punch out' the last sound (t)
3. Have children repeat the word and hand motions,. Repeat the activity with other words. Have you ever seen a Lassie?

Did You ever?
Did you ever see a cat, a cat, a cat?
Did you ever see a cat sit on a rat?
r-at, cat r-at cat,
Did you ever see a cat sit on a rat?

The Sounds in the Word
The wheels on the bus

The sounds in the word go /c/a/t/; /c/a/t/; /c/a/t/.
The sounds in the word go /c/a/t/
Can you guess the word?

Patty-Cake Sounds /c/at/ CAT
Pat, pat, clap /m/at/ mat
Pat, pat, clap

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