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Phonics Lesson Plans Pre-K ABCs Grades PreK
Summary: Hands-on way to help students learn their ABCs.
I co-teach a Pre-K program 5 days a week at our church preschool.  We try our hardest to prepare our children for kindergarten and to do well on the kindergarten screening that our public schools have prior to registration.  To that end, my partner and I have found that constantly reciting ABC’s, 123’s becomes boring to the children and they often “tune us out”. We borrowed the plastic magnet letters from our ABC “chalk” board and dumped them and the numbers into a large colorful bucket.  We then asked the children (one at a time) to close their eyes, don’t peek and draw a letter or number from the bucket.  Then they were asked to show the class what letter they picked and give the class an example of a word that begins with that letter.  Using numbers they picked, they recited a sentence with that number in it.  The remainder of the class was then asked to join in with their ideas.  This is extremely simple but gets the entire class involved and the children really enjoyed it.
Submitted by: Debbie Bushardt - Fort Mill, South Carolina

Phonics Lesson Plans Alphabet/Phonics Skill Box Grades K-2
Summary: Here is a great way to offer hands-on practice for your younger students.
Together with my step-father we built a multi-purpose wooden box with six boxes across and five boxes down, which gives you a total of thirty boxes. The idea was to have enough slots for each letter of the alphabet to use at the reading table with individuals or small groups. Trend makes alphabet-phonics cards. I own just plain alphabet cards-plain picture cards-animal cards. You could use the following ideas:
The children's names in alphabetical order.
Beginning sounds of pictures.
Beginning sounds of animal pictures.
Consonants Vowels
Learning the alphabet
Sorting magnetic letters
Using letter tiles.
Submitted by: Stacie Apool37253@email-removed , Niantic, CT - Voluntown Elementary School

Phonics Lesson Plans Great Phonemic Awareness Book Grades K-2
This is a great book that will allow your students to play with sounds to strengthen beginning reading skills.

Phonics Lesson Plans Reading Worksheets
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