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The Teacher's Corner Resources Carle, Eric & Art Grades K-3
This is collaborative effort between the classroom teacher and the art teacher.
Lesson developed by art teacher Mrs. Mcbride MAC1@email-removed & Two first grade teachers: maloneys@email-removed, APool37253@email-removed

The Teacher's Corner Resources Prelutsky, Jack
Visit our complete Author Study page.

The Teacher's Corner Resources VanAllsburg, Chris
Visit our complete Author Study page.

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Brave Little Monster
This book is by Ken Baker. You can visit his website to find information about his book, author school visits, and a nice teacher resource section.

Brett, Jan
One of my all time favorite authors! You can find great information and resources at her homepage.
Here are a few of her books:
The Mitten
Comet's Nine Lives
Berlioz the Bear
The Hat
Annie and the Wild Animals

Byars, Betsy
Betsy Byars has a nice website with her biography, book titles, and email address. She won the 1971 Newbery Medal for The Summer of the Swans. She writes mysteries, readers, and three series. Check out her site.

Cleary, Beverly
The World of Beverly Cleary

Fox, Mem
Here are some of her books:
Teaching Drama to Kids
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge
Whoever You Are
Time for Bed
Feathers and Fools
Hattie and the Fox
Night Noises
Shoes From Grandpa

Children's Story Books Online Grades Early Elementary
Find fun online stories.

Gaffney, Timothy R.
Timothy has had eight books published, seven for children (the eighth is a book about John Glenn with lots of color photos, so it's suitable for older kids.) His newest book, SECRET SPY SATELLITES, is just coming out from Enslow Publishers Inc.

Henkes, Kevin
Children's Book Author: Author of Sheila the Brave, Owen, Chrysanthemum, and Lily's Purple Plastic Purse.

Pallotta, Jerry
The "Alphabet Man" - Author of great ABC books.

Reid Banks, Lynne
Author of Indian in the Cupboard.

Rowling, J.K.
Here are some new and fun Harry Potter resources & sites.
-Harry Potter - The official site for the series. Find good teacher information.

Wood, Audrey and Don
Visit the "Audrey Wood Clubhouse" Author of: The Napping House, Little Penguin's Tale, Piggies, and more!

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