Food Plate Game (pyramid)

Grades: Kindergarten to 5th Grade
Lesson Plan Summary: Make necklaces with food items written on index cards, then find appropriate place on the food plate to stand. This game is for elementary aged students. It is meant to familiarize them with the food plate.

Food Plate GameMaterials:
Masking tape
Stop watch or timer
Index cards
Single hole punch
Felt markers

Set up: With the felt markers, write different foods on the index cards (ex. milk, rice cake, banana, bacon, etc.) You can make just enough for the number of students in your class, or make a few extra for variety. When you have enough, punch a hole in the top of each card and thread some string through to make a necklace.

Using the masking tape, choose a spot on the floor and mark out a food plate. It must be large enough for the entire class to fit on. If you don't have enough room on your classroom floor for this, you can make signs to designate different parts of the classroom as different sections of the plate.

Playing: Hand out the food necklaces to each student randomly. Once each student knows their food and is wearing their necklace, explain that they must put themselves in the proper place on the food plate (ex. the student wearing "milk" would need to stand in the dairy section.) Count down, then start the timer. Once all the students are in the plate, stop the timer and check them. If there are students in the wrong spot, restart the timer and tell them to correct themselves (you can adjust the difficulty of the game by either telling them which particular students are incorrect, the number of students that are incorrect, or by giving them no information at all.) Once all the students are in the right order, tell them their time. The next time you play, the objective will be to beat their last time.

I like this game because, rather than the students competing against each other, the entire class competes against themselves. When they beat their time, they all win.
Submitted by: Patricia Pruim - Iskut, BC

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