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Chalk Activities

We have a couple of activities below that use chalk or sidewalk chalk to be creative while learning. If you do one of these activities, please 'snap' a quick picture and send it to us!

Wet Chalk Painting

Grades: K-6th
Lesson Plan Objectives: Development of fine motor skills and creatively expressing the child's ideas and thoughts by a new medium

Chalk ActivitiesMaterials Needed: Colored chalk, water, drawing paper, sponge, and newspapers.

Lesson Procedure: Dip the colored chalk into water and draw on the paper. Another way is to put the drawing paper on newspapers, dampen it with a wet sponge, and then draw.
Submitted by: Jennifer

Dinosaur Drawings

We have another sidewalk chalk activity that involes dinosaur drawings and dinosaur measurements. This can be used as a life science lesson as well. Visit our Dinosaur Drawings for more details on this activity.


Sidewalk Drawing

Grades: K-6th
Lesson Plan Objectives: Development of the creative process by doing artistic drawings in a new way and development of fine and gross motor skills.

Materials Needed: Sidewalk or outdoor chalk and lots of sidewalk.

Lesson Procedure: Give the children the chalk and let them draw whatever they choose on the sidewalk. You may also consider using this in teaching some other lesson (i.e. science).
Submitted by: Jennifer

We want your pictures! Did you do one of these chalk activities? We would love to get a picture to add to this activity page! Help others by showing off how you did it! Send us your picture or lesson modification ideas.

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