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A "B" Hunt

Grades: Kindergarten
Summary: This is a great lesson to teach your students about the letter B.

Subject: Handwriting; Language

Grade Level: Kindergarten

- Students will recognize the letter "b" and words that begin with "b."
-Students will write the letter "b" in capital and lowercase form correctly at least three times.
-Students will use words that begin with "b" throughout the day as much as possible.

Introductory Activities:
At the beginning of the school day, the teacher will explain to students that their mission for the day is to help find the letter "b". "B" has gone missing; all of his brothers and sisters (the rest of the alphabet) are desperately trying to find him. The teacher will explain to students that by using words that begin with "b", "B" will be more likely to return home. Before class begins, the teacher should use 3x5 notecards or other thick paper to cover all b's in the classroom. The teacher will put a card with the letter "b" on each student's desk with poster putty. The teacher will then ask all students to hold this card in the air anytime they see the letter "b" throughout the day.

Developmental Activities:
During the course of the day, the teacher should demonstrate the acknowledgment of seeing a "b" by raising her own card whenever she spots one. Any time a student finds a "b", the teacher should see where the child found it and then allow him or her to write a "b" on a chart by his or her name. The chart should have all students' names on it and should be placed near the front of the room. This can also be done on the dry-erase or chalkboard. All coloring activities for the day will be of objects that begin with the letter "b", such as bats, birds, butterflies, etc. Students will be given handwriting practice sheets for the letter "b." Students will use tablet paper to practice writing vocabulary words that begin with "b." These words are bone, baby, bell, bus, and baker.

Culminating Activities:
When nearing the end of the day, the teacher should add up the students b's on the chart. Then the teacher will congratulate students on helping to find the letter "b." Explain to them that "b" is back home and that his brothers and sisters appreciate their help. Uncover the "b" on the alphabet chart and allow students to applaud themselves. Display children's artwork on a bulletin board or in the hallway along with a large picture of the letter "b."

Alternate Activities:
*Have students write and illustrate a story about where "b" might be.
*Give worksheet to students with many pictures on it and ask students to circle the pictures of things that begin with "b."
*Hide notecards with "b" printed on them around the classroom (in shared books, in music area, taped to the wall, etc.); when students find a card, allow them to remove a cover over the b's on the charts in the classroom, allowing students to restore b's place in the classroom.
*Gather students in a circle sitting on the floor; get all students participating in a simple clapping rhythm; going in order around the circle, allow each student to come up with a word beginning with "b"; (ex. Clap, clap, clap, clap, BOY, clap, clap, clap, clap, BUS, etc.); students can use names, places, or any type of word for this activity.

If the classroom includes a student with a severe visual impairment, allow this student to raise a "b" cut out of foam or sponge whenever this student hears a word that begins with "b".

3x5 notecards, worksheets, chart for tallying all b's caught, poster putty

Some worksheets online would be useful for this lesson. These worksheets are at the following web addresses:

Butterfly coloring sheet:

Bat coloring sheet:

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