Readology - A Reading/Technology Project

Grades: Intermediate
Summary: An excellent way to integrate technology into your language arts.

In Missouri as in other states, the Association of School Librarians chooses 20 outstanding books for the school year. In Missouri these honored books are called the Mark Twain Nominee Books.   Students are encouraged to read these nominated books.   If a student reads at least 4 of the 20 he/she is allowed to vote on their favorite. The book is then awarded the Mark Twain Award, an honor for any author.  In our school a student who reads all 20 receives a trophy at our end of the year assembly.... also an honor.

1. Select an Association of School Librarian nominated book. -  Librarians have already red them and know they are good.

2. Read the book yourself, making notes of interesting topics.

3. Get enough copies of the book so every student has their own copy.  I use my book club bonus points for this.

4. Research the topics on the internet.

5. Write to companies seeking free information, products, posters, etc. that deal with your topic, to share with the students.  You would be surprised at the donations I have received.  Companies are eager to help out when it comes to education..

6. Now you are ready to begin - I usually read the first chapter or two to the students, to start the discussion.

7. Students then decide as a group how many chapters to read each night.

8. The following days we discuss, reread parts of the chapters and begin our technology projects.

9. 1st Tech Project - A Character Web
We use  Inspiration software to make a character web of all the characters , adding new characters as we encounter them.

10. 2nd Tech Project - A Book Poster
We make a poster about the book using Microsoft Publisher.  Items can be added as we read further into the book.  When completed the posters are hung in the hall to encourage others to read the book.

11. 3rd Tech Project - Business Cards
We make business cards on Microsoft Publisher that one of the characters might use. Then trade them with others.

12. 4th Tech Project - Thank You Notes
Thank you notes are written to any business that supplied items to our study.

13. 5th Tech Project - A Letter to the Author
We have done this several times and have always received a response from the authors.
Submitted by: Kathy Davis - West Plains, Missouri

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