A Multimedia Project Using KidWorks

Grades: Intermediate
Summary: Students will be using the shift key to create capital letters where appropriate.

BTSA Induction Standards-Based Lesson Planner Template- The lesson Planner is one tool that may assist you in developing standards-based lesson plans in a systematic manner.

Results Focus: This lesson will be meeting two of the California State Content Standards for second grade. Students have previously used KidWorks, creating similar multimedia projects, which were successful.

Unit Big Ideas Appropriate to this Lesson: Students will be using the shift key to create capital letters where appropriate. They will also be using the shift key to create appropriate spaces between words. The topic of this project will be to have a dream on how to make the world a better place, in light of Martin Luther King’s birthday.

Essential Questions Appropriate to this lesson: If you could do something to help make the world a better place, what would it be?

Subject(s): This lesson will be connected to the computer standards.
Academic Content Standards Addressed Computer standards: Keyboarding: Students use utility keys.
Multimedia and Presentation Tools: Students create a simple multimedia project using age-appropriate software.
Unit Knowledge & Skills Objectives: By the end of this lesson, students will be able to use KidWorks to create simple multimedia projects. They will also be able to use the utility keys, shift and spacebar, appropriately.
Student Assessment strategies Students will be printing their work. I will be evaluating their work to see if they have appropriate spacing between words, capital letters when appropriate, and a picture that they have created by KidWorks.

“Hook” Background, Prior Knowledge: Students will have used KidWorks prior to this lesson. We will also have discussed Martin Luther King Jr., as well as have written what they will be writing in the computer lab.
Time: The first activity of talking about Martin Luther King and writing their “dreams” will take 20 minutes. The computer lab will take a half an hour.

Teacher-Led Instruction/Guided Practice: As a class we will discuss Martin Luther King and his perseverance. Then we will discuss what “dreams” we might have to change the world to make it a better place. Students will then write their own ideas on how to change the world. At the computer lab, students will be reminded of how to use the shift key, spacebar, and KidWorks. They will then complete the assignment on their own, typing up their ideas and drawing a picture of it.

Differentiation of Instruction
ELL Students will be able to do as little as write and type one sentence in the computer lab and create a picture, while the above average students will be able to write as much as they would like, as well as be as creative as possible with their drawing. This is an independent lesson, so there will be no grouping.
Resources needed Students will need paper, a pencil, background knowledge of Martin Luther King, and a computer with the KidWorks program.

Closure Students will be required to complete projects, such as this, at a later date. Students will also be using these same skills in future computer projects.

Post Lesson Reflection/Assessment I will be reading several biographies about Martin Luther King prior to the lessons. I will also be speaking about ideas that we may have that can better the world. I will instruct the students on how to write their ideas.

Next Steps We will be building upon the skills learned during this lesson for future projects.
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