Community - California Farmers

Grades: 4th Grade and up
Summary: This lesson focuses on the state of California's farmers, but can easily be adapted to fit any state.

Map of CA
Pictures of different foods that farmers raise or grow
Poster of a farm
Video of farming and animals
A supply of ziploc bags, seeds, paper towels, name tags

Begin: show poster of farm ask "what do you see?"
"What other things do farmers grow and raise?"
"Have you been to a farm?"
"Where does meat come from?"
"Where do fruits and vegetables come from? "
"Who would like to work on a farm?"
"We are going to learn about California farmers in this unit."
"Do you know what farmers here raise or grow?"
"Let 's open our textbooks to page ____ "
"Now, read that page quietly."

I go around to see if they are on the right page
"Who wants to read the title? "
"Who wants to read the first sentence?" etc

Review what farmers grow & show pictures of different foods that farmers raise or grow.

Discuss map of CA, what the green, brown, blue areas mean/stand for "Where do you think farmers would grow their food?"

Children will each get a ziploc bag with wet towel stapled to bottom and 2-3 seeds. They will write their names on name tags and put tags on bags. Then, bags will be taped to the windows. Each child will get to water their seeds daily and chart the growth.

A guest speaker from a farm or supermarket will come to talk about his/her job.

Celebrate end of unit with a Farm Video.
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