Bird Poems/Songs Projects

Grades: Various
Summary: A fun collection of poems and songs to accompany any bird unit.

Hold out hands and say:
Two dinky little birds
(holding out one hand say)
One named Peter
(holding out the other hand say)
One named Paul

(moving hand behind back say)
fly away Peter
(putting other hand behind back say)
fly away Paul
(bring one hand back say)
come back Peter
(bringing other hand back to front say)
Come back Paul

Here are some that I have collected off the net for my bird unit...

Three Little Birds
Don't worry 'bout a thing,
'Cause ev'ry little thing's gonna be all right.
Singing don't worry 'bout a thing,
'Cause ev'ry little thing's gonna be all right.
Rise up this morning, smile with the risin' sun.
Three little birds sit by my doorstep singing sweet songs,
A melody sweet and pure, sing,
This is my message to you.

Little White Duck
There's a little white duck (quack)
Sittin' in the water
There's a little white duck (quack)
Doin what he oughter.
He took a bite of the lily pad
Flapped his wings & he said,
"I'm glad, I'm a little white duck
Sittin' in the water." (Quack, quack, quack)

SWANS IN THE PARK (tune: "rock-a-bye baby")
Swans glide across the pond in the park,
With feathers so white and beaks that are dark.
They spread out there wings and take to the air.
The swans fly away, but I don't know where.

Sung to: "Frere Jacques"
I'm a duck, I'm a duck,
Watch me waddle, watch me waddle.
Hear me when I talk, Hear me when I talk.
Quack, quack, quack; quack, quack, quack.

*Two Little Blackbirds
Two little blackbirds Sitting on a wall;
One named Peter,
The other named Paul.
Fly away Peter!
Fly away Paul!
Come back Peter!
Come back Paul!

Here is a song for a Spring Robin:
I'm a little Robin with a red breast
I come first in the spring to nest.
If you can catch me, hurry up and try before I fly up into the sky.
Sing this song to the Tune of I'm a little Teapot.
Submitted by: APool37253@email-removed

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