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Vocabulary Lessons and Activities Ten Best Vocabulary Learning Tips
Here's a list of the ten best vocabulary learning tips.

Vocabulary Lessons and Activities Vocabulary Words Grade Any
Summary: Several fun and creative ideas to make vocabulary studying a little more fun. For vocabulary words, I always send a word list home to study, and I make flash cards for them (I run off the words on a grid form and they cut them apart) to take home. Before we take the flash cards home, we use them in class to answer questions. After they cut them out, they lay them across their desks and I say please find the word ________. They hold it up. The next day we do it by definition such as please find the word that means _________. I also make up sentences with a blank, and give them a word bank to use to complete the sentences. I make word searches for them to find the vocab words in. I keep the words on a transparency so we review them from week to week. I also use dry erase lap boards-all of them have one-my purchase-and they will write the word I say from a set of words on the overhead or write the word I give the definition for.

We also play bingo with these words. On the overhead I put 20 words, past and present vocab words, they fold their paper into 16 squares, pick 16 of the 20 words-their choice-write one in a square, in random order, and I make a set of cards for myself and use it to call out the words.
Submitted by: Debbie Suffff@email-removed

Vocabulary Lessons and Activities Vocabulary Bingo Grades 2-5
Summary: Another fun lesson to help challenge all of your students.
Each time we switched readers, I typed up all the vocabulary words in squares, and gave the kids a BINGO sheet. They had to cut out the words and put them on their sheet. (This only happened every 6 weeks or so). There would need to be more words than squares on the sheet (found that out the hard way) and the students choose which words they want to use and paste them wherever they want. I put the words on cards with magnets on the back, and in the beginning put them on the board as I say them, but later on they have to recognize the word by calling out alone. It really helped even the challenged kids learn to recognize the words.
Submitted by: MarySue Marysue111@email-removed

Vocabulary Lessons and Activities Reading Worksheets
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Vocabulary Lessons and Activities Spongy Vocabulary Review Grades 3+
A fun and hands-on approach to helping students review and practice vocabulary words. "To review vocabulary in any subject, take strips of masking tape and tape them to a rectangular sponge. Use a marker to write the vocabulary words on the tape. Have the students toss the sponge around the room to other students. The words that get chosen can depend on which finger is touching a particular part of the sponge. For example, if a student's left finger lands on a specific word that is the word they must try to define. Students love this game. If there are more than six vocabulary words, just tape over already defined words and write the new words on top."
Submitted by: Luke Verna tlverna@email-removed , a fifth grade teacher at Upper Perkiomen Middle School in East Greenville, Pennsylvania. This idea was posted in the NEA's Weekly Works4Me Newsletter.

SuperKids Vocabulary Builder Grades 3-12
Looking for an easy way to improve your students' (or your own) vocabulary? This site should help - and hopefully be fun, too!

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