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Reading Lesson Plans Booktalks Grades 3-5
Summary: Students have the opportunity to share their favorite pieces of literature with their classmates.
My class has a 'Booktalk' once a month to share their favorite pieces of writing and to increase the interest level of reading good pieces of literature. The Booktalks are very informal. The children sit in a circle and bring a copy of their favorite book. In just a few minutes, they share the author and illustrator, their favorite part of the book, the book's category (fiction, non-fiction, mystery, etc.) and whom they think would like to read this type of book. Lastly, each child makes a visual such as a 3-D model or a poster to retell one of the events of the story. The children love listening to one another and I have noticed that they often read the books that are recommended.
Submitted by: Dana Salamone salamoned@email-removed , a fourth grade teacher at Perry Elementary School in Perry, Ohio. This idea was posted in the NEA's Weekly Works4Me Newsletter.

Reading Lesson Plans Fine Motor Alphabet
Summary: A great way for students to practice their alphabet and fine motor skills.
Materials: clay, sentence strips (laminated if possible). This lesson is for children that need help with their fine motor skills. I take a sentence strip and let them form the alphabet with clay. This works and the children think it's great fun.
Submitted by: Ann House frstgradetchr@email-removed

Reading Lesson Plans Little Books Grades Any
Summary: A great way to keep students out of trouble while utilizing instruction time.
We make "little books" on the computer, using vocabulary or spelling words, writing a sentence - and then print them, each week. We even leaving rooms for illustrations. These books fit perfectly in their pockets so they can pull them out to study while waiting in line at the water fountain, riding the bus, etc. This helps keep kids out of trouble and keeps them thinking. Stapleless Book is the site for the template. You can use this book for math, etc
Submitted by: Joyce Karczmarczyk - Manchester, New Hampshire

Reading Lesson Plans Paper Bag Book Reports Grades Any
Submitted by: TamiLarsen@email-removed
Source: An AskERIC Lesson Plan submitted by Cecilia Hoff

Reading Lesson Plans Read Aloud Activity Grades K-2
Summary: A great way to keep students out of trouble while utilizing instruction time.
My favorite activity to do with preschool age or older is something that I do at story time, or just any time that I read a story. I hold up the book and for example if it's a story about a dog, I'll say "Now I'm going to read this story about an elephant!" Of course the children will say "That's not an elephant!"  I'll look at the cover again, then say "Oh, silly me! I should have said the story is about a giraffe!"  Then the children will say "No, No! That's a dog!" To which I say "Yes, of course you're right!" And while I'm reading the story, I will change something in the story. For example, if the sentence is "The dog played with the blue ball." I will change it to a red ball. Then the children will say "That's not red!" I will ask "Are you sure?" Then praise them for paying attention to the story. I do this activity to see how much the children are paying attention, and to see if they are understanding the story, if it has words they have not heard yet, etc. 
Submitted by: Joyce Karczmarczyk  - Manchester, New Hampshire

Reading Lesson Plans Reading Calendar Grades K-3
Summary: A great home-school communication tool!
I give each of my students a calendar to be taken home nightly and returned daily. The parents record and initial the title of the story or book their child reads each night. I also note children's birthdays and important happenings for the month on the calendars. The children look forward to these events, count how many days before they happen, and take note of the dates. The calendar encourages them to read and shows a real life use. It's also a good school-home link and a reminder of important events.
Submitted by: Harlika O'Balles hoballes@email-removed , a second grade teacher at Elizabeth Learning Center in Los Angeles, California. This idea was posted in the NEA's Weekly Works4Me Newsletter.

Book Report Ideas Grades Various
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Literature Based Lesson Plans Grades Primary
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Literature Circles
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