Hershey Bar Challenge

Grades: Intermediate
Summary: Make your math lesson a little sweeter! Answer questions about the Hershey Bar.

hershey barThe Hershey Bar Challenge
1. How many ounces in your Hershey Bar?
2. How many would you need to make a pound?
3. How much would it cost to buy a pound?
4. Who is Hershey=B9s manufacturer?
5. Where are they located? (city-state)
6. What is the longitude and latitude of #5?
7. Which hemisphere is it located in?
8. Which two hemispheres is it located in?
9. What is the capitol of this state?
10. How many fat grams in your HCB?
11. Do you think that is a safe amount for you?
12. What is the highest ingredient in milk chocolate?
13. Is that ingredient good for you?
14. Why/why not?
15. What vitamins does your HCB have?
16. The 40 mg of sodium.. is another name for
17. Too much sodium is not good for you because it can:
18. What are the numbers in the bar code?
19. Why do you think the HCB needs a bar code?
20. What does the word corporation mean?
21. What shape is the HCB?
22. What is its perimeter?
23. What is its area?
24. What is its volume?
25. How many grams?
26. Test the gram weight. If a paper clip weighs 1 gram, see how many paper clips will balance the HCB on the scale.
27. How do you rate the smell of the chocolate through the wrapper? Poor OK Good VG Excellent
28. Why is there an apostrophe in Hershey's?
29. Which letter is used the most on the front wrapper?
30. What do you think makes the wrapper the most attractive?

The Hershey Challenge # 2

Carefully unwrap your Hershey Candy Bar.

31. How many pieces does your HCB have?
32. Write it as a fraction which equals 1.
Fill in the following chart:

pieces             Numbers     33-65
out of
8                 fraction         reduce         decimal         percentage

1                 1/12             can't

2                 2/12             1/6







Hershey's Challenge #3

66, 67, 68. Name 3 ways you could recycle your tinfoil rather than throw it into the garbage.
69-78 Create 10 words from the words Hershey & Milk Chocolate.
79-86 Make an acrostic of the word Hershey's below
87. Who is the founder of Hershey's Chocolate? (website?)
88. Is he still living? If he isn't how old would he be if he were still alive?

Hershey's Challenge #4

89. When you add your neighbors candy bar to yours, the fraction = would be
90. Reduce this fraction.
91. Add 1 piece of a HCB to the answer in 89. What is your answer?
92. Write it as a mixed number.
93. Write again the fraction for your HCB
94. If the candy bar snitcher came along and took 3 of your = pieces...what would you have left?
95. How many HCB would you need to have 32 pieces?
96. How many HCB would you need to have 96 pieces?
97. How many vowels are on the front of the Hershey's CB?
98. How many consonants are on the front of the Hershey's CB?
99. Add all the grams under nutrition...how many do you get?
100.What is the telephone number to Hershey's Corporation?
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