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Graphing Lesson Plans Overhead Grids Grades 3+
Doing graphing? Use this clever idea to help save you time and effort: "I used to use overhead grids and do sample graphing directly on the overhead, but I had to constantly clean the transparencies or throw them away. Now I found out that I can project the overhead onto a green or white board, work directly on the board and then simply erase the board. I make sure that the stand is free from being accidentally bumped by students. This method makes it so easy for students to participate in the graphing."
Submitted by: Linda Steinke tsteinke@email-removed, a fifth and sixth grade teacher at Coralwood Adventist Academy. This idea was posted in the NEA's Weekly "Works4Me" Tip Newsletter.

Graphing Lesson Plans Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Grades Intermediate
Here is a great hands-on activity.
Submitted by:
Mary Strayhorn mkstray@email-removed

Graphing Lesson Plans Temperature Line Graphs Grades Various
A great activity to complete with your pen pals: My class and I “connected” to our pen pals by checking their weather and comparing it to ours, each morning.  Using a link ( from our class web site we enter our zip code and use poster-sized graph paper to record our temperature in blue.  Then we enter our pen pals’ zip code and record their temperature in red.  It’s great practice in predicting and provides an endless source of math questions.  Once a month, we transfer the data to Microsoft Excel and reproduce the line graph we’ve created. Find Pen Pals for your Classroom.
Submitted by: Genevieve Petrillo - Belleville, New Jersey

Graphing Lesson Plans Tulip Graphs Grades Various
Summary: An activity to begin in the fall.
Each October, the students in my class plant tulip bulbs on the grounds of our school.  When spring comes, we all head outside with notebooks, graph paper, and rulers.  Each cooperative group marks one tulip using a popsicle stick with their group number written on it.  They measure in centimeters and in inches the tallest part of the tulip they have chosen.  The results are recorded in their notebooks and graphed.  We measure the tulips every 6-7 days.  Each group creates a bar graph to show the dates measured and the tulips’ progress in centimeters and inches.  From the first measurement (4cm) to the day the flowers bloom (30+ cm), takes about 5 weeks.  Accompanied by photos and artwork, the graphs are a great, on going, spring bulletin board display.
Submitted by: Genevieve Petrillo - Belleville, New Jersey

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Graphing Lesson Plans Books for teaching Graphing Grades Various
Harriet's Halloween Candy
by Nancy L. Carlson

A Three Hat Day (hard cover) (paperback)
by Laura Geringer, Arnold Lobel (Illustrator)

Peter's Pockets
by Leonure Morgan

Caps for Sale (hard cover) (book & cassette) (big book)
by Esphyr Slobodkina

A Pocketful of Cricket
by Rebecca Caudill
*This book is out of check your library.*

Graph Games
by Frederique Papy
*This book is out of check your library.*

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