Theme Teaching

The Teacher's Corner Resources Country Current Events
Students select a country to follow the entire school year.
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The Teacher's Corner Resources Current Event Awareness
The goal of this lesson is to focus student attention on current issues in the news of special importance to them.
Submitted by: Janice Clarke Reiter

The Teacher's Corner Resources Election Activities
Get your students involved in the elections with these activities are designed for 6th grade.
Submitted by: Michael Kandel

The Teacher's Corner Resources Explorers Contracts
Here is a collection of contracts that will produce great work!
Contract #1
Contract #2
Contract #3
Contract #4

The Teacher's Corner Resources The Iditarod
A great event to incorporate into your classroom.
Submitted by: Paulette Noble pnoble@email-removed

The Teacher's Corner Resources Major Indians in America Contract
A contract that will help your students learn about the various Indian tribes.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Mini Society
An economic experience to last a lifetime.
Submitted by: Judy Haynes im4ewes@email-removed

The Teacher's Corner Resources News Reports
Get students involved in watching and reporting on various news stories. Divide your students into groups of four. Rotate groups weekly so that each group will be responsible for the NEWS every 7 weeks. Each student in the groups is responsible to report on 2 items from the local, provincial (state), national or international news on Friday morning. There must be some written items on each of the news items. Students must also be prepared to answer questions from the class.
Submitted by: Phyllis & Menno Froese mfroese@email-removed

The Teacher's Corner Resources Westward Expansion
Here is a great project idea, complete with guidelines.
Submitted by: Marcia Motley m2teach@email-removed

Time for Kids
This is not a lesson, however many lessons could be generated from this site and its links.
Submitted by: Paulette Romano ibmmitzi@email-removed